Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moms, Sports, Exams, and Birthdays!

HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the fantastic, hard-working mom's out there! I hope you all have a great day. I didn't really have any money to buy my mom anything too great. I got her a nice card and drew some things on it (not that I'm a artist!) and got her the 10th anniversary Oprah magazine, since she adores her. I'm going to save up to get her something nice for next year. Again. Happy Mother's Day mom's! Hope you have a perfect day.
Soccer season is almost over. We have an away game tomorrow and hopefully we win! They beat us last time but who knows what will happen tomorrow. Then, we have another away game on Thursday and we also got beat by them. We just got to play hard and play our best. I haven't scored a goal at all and so I'm hoping that I'll get my chance at one of these two games. After this, it's district but I doubt I'll be playing, since I'm not on varsity (hopefully, I'll be on it next year!) but I hope we make it through. With soccer over in a week and nothing going on with the theatre department accept this Gala I'm going to and the drama banquet, I pretty much won't be staying after school anymore. So I can officially start running and getting ready for cross country season (if it is the last thing I do, I'm going to run a 5k in under 24 minutes!) and read more books!
On Friday, I took the dreaded AP US History Exam. Now, I have a C average in my class of 7 students (namely for not turning in the DBQS -Document Based Questions- on time and not doing so well on tests) and was freaking out all week about it. I got REA's APUSH Crash Course book to help me and I'll be honest. I didn't really crack it open until this week. I had a Biology EOC on Tuesday and English 10 EOC on Wednesday to take, which if I get proficient or advanced I won't have to take the Final for it. I'm certain I passed English but no so sure about Bio... Anyways. Thursday night after a soccer game, I pretty much CRAMMED for the test. Went to sleep HAD A DREAM about the exam, woke up and study some more, went back to sleep, woke up took a shower PUT ON MY CROSS (and prayed to Baby Jesus throughout the morning, I kid you not,) walked nervously up and down the school hallways and went into the exam with my 2 friends who were taking it. Yeah, only 3 of us took it. I was there from 8-12. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't tired (had lots of adrenaline) and I think I did okay. When I saw the DBQ I almost jumped out of my seat. It was easier than I expected. The Free Response Questions were pretty good, too! All in all, I am so grateful for REA's Crash Course book. Because of that book, I think I got at least a 3. This means, I'll be able to get college credit hours for it!!! And now, I'm seriously considering taking 5 AP test next year and 4 my senior year or something. SERIOUSLY. Only, like, 4 will be after taking the actual classes and the rest will be self-studying. The test was actually kind of enjoyable. AND I missed all my classes except health, where we were watching The Blindside and APUSH, where it was an easy day. On Wednesday, May 12, I will be turning 16. Normally, I am a Negative Nancy on my birthdays but you only turn 16 once. I am sad to say that I still don't have my permit and no one will teach me how to drive...hopefully all that will change very soon! Anyways, I'm thinking about having a birthday giveaway. I'm not sure what I can do yet. If you would like to donate anything, please contact me at infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com .

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Lenore said...

I got a 4 on the AP US history test and got 6 hours of college credit for it! Not bad :)