Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waiting On Wednesday (37)

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen
Knopf Books for Young Readers/January 11, 2011

Jessica thinks her life is over when she loses a leg in a car accident. She's not comforted by the news that she'll be able to walk with the help of a prosthetic leg. Who cares about walking when you live to run?As she struggles to cope with crutches and a first cyborg-like prosthetic, Jessica feels oddly both in the spotlight and invisible. People who don't know what to say, act like she's not there. Which she could handle better if she weren't now keenly aware that she'd done the same thing herself to a girl with CP named Rosa. A girl who is going to tutor her through all the math she's missed. A girl who sees right into the heart of her.With the support of family, friends, a coach, and her track teammates, Jessica may actually be able to run again. But that's not enough for her now. She doesn't just want to cross finish lines herself—she wants to take Rosa with her.

Why I Want This: WOWZA. This summary sounds so great, very intense. I'm quite obsessed when it comes to running. I just love the sound of it and I think that it will be so great. Not to mention the fact that the person who wrote this, Wendelin Van Draanen , also wrote the YA/MG novel Flipped, which I've heard amazing things about!! 

I think that if this book came out this fall I would so add this to the list of books I'll be reading during cross country season, on the way to and back from the meets, to help motivate me and whatnot. But it doesn't come out until next year! : (


Dazzling Mage said...

Ooh, this does seem like an intense, and amazing read!

Nice WoW pick!

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