Saturday, January 23, 2010

GLBT Mini Challenge for January

The January mini-challenge at the Challenge That Dare Not Speak Its Name is to write a paragraph or so about why the GLBT challenge/or issue is important to you.
WHY the GLBT challenge is important to me: I have always been a very open minded person. I do not care one bit if you are gay, straight, bi, transgendered or whatever. The world is filled with so many problems and I hate that people think that being gay is one of them; it definitely isn't.
Last year, my freshmen year of HS, I joined the GSA club, which is Gay Straight Alliance. It was such a different experience from what I'm used to. There weren't many regular members only around 10. Sometime in February we hosted an event where other high school students that were members of GSA or whatever came. Although, I'm sure I was one of the few straight people there, it was a pretty awesome experience. There were workshops like Gays in history, a senator of Missouri (Kansas City) who is openly gay came, and lots of other cool things. This year, I'm not in GSA. Mainly because I have sports and theatre and stuff. I have absolutely no time for it. Also, ever since the woman who sponsored us last year went to another school and someone else took over, I don't think anyone really goes to it anymore.
I think it is wicked important that GLBT in literature. There aren't that many books out there that include GLBT characters. You love who you love and you are who you are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
*If you want to check out what books I'll be reading for the GLBT Challenge.


Book Dragon said...

I try to be open-minded as well as colorblind. I'm hoping that by reading books with GLBT characters, more will be written and maybe, someday, the stories can be judged on something other than sexual orientation.

Amanda said...

Sad to hear the GSA at your school has died out. :(

Stephanie said...

It's a shame that there is a different sponsor for this group. Sounds like it could have been a really great thing for your school.