Sunday, April 18, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I have no idea how long ago it was that I got this award or who it was the gave me this wonderful blog award (if it was you, please let me know, so I can link your blog up!)
Rules: List ten things about yourself that not a lot of people know and then pass it along to seven other bloggers. 10 Things About Me..
1. I want to go to Boston University more than anything. Sadly, I am terrible at math and sciences and I don't have straight A's (I know that's not all what matters, but...) I'm afraid to even apply to the school once I become a senior (I'm currently a sophomore.) Some of the other school's I want to apply to are: U of Chicago, U of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Mizzou, KU, Washington University-St. Louis. I have a good chance at making it to KU and Mizzou but the rest are a stretch. 2. I make an extreme amount of lists. I plan out everything or I'm just writing down things I have to do. I might write what I need to eat in the morning or just write a list of books I need to read. 3. I run cross country, swim in the winter and play soccer during the spring at school. My passion is running, but I'm not very good at it. HOWEVER. I am currently planning out my running schedule for the summer (see, I told ya I liked lists) and so help me God, I will run a mile somewhere in the 7s and 5ks under 25 minutes. Truth is, I would love to go to State in all the sports I'm in, but if I only go for Cross Country, that will make my high school career. If you would like to read more about this, you can visit my sports blog!! No one really knows about it, but I've had it since last year. I haven't updated in a while, but I have lots of stuff that I need to finish typing up/organizing. CLICK HERE! Warning: I have a potty mouth and my cross country entries are way out there! 4. Speaking of running. I plan on qualifying for the Boston Marathon while I'm in my 20's! I also really want to go to Athens, Greece by myself and run the marathon. I am so fascinated with the Greek legendary marathon story about how Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles to spread the word about the Athens battle. I just have to do it. My life will just not be complete until I do. 5. It's no secret that Barnes & Nobel is one of my favorite stores, since I love books. But, I am also in love with Office Max! Seriously. If I had the money, I would definitely buy a zillion things from there. I love office/school supplies. Being an elementary teacher is one of the things I'll looking at doing after school and I'll definitely need a lot of supplies! ;) 6. I am an EXTREME baseball fan. Especially of the Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox. If you follow me on Twitter, you know this! I can't explain why and I know this is bizarre but I can not stand it if I see someone wearing a hat of said teams and they're not fans! I live in KC so when I see people wearing 'KC' hats, I can tolerate that because this is where they live. Oh. And I hate bandwagon fans with a passion. 7. So, I'm 15 years old. I turn 16 on May 12. I STILL have not gotten my permit. I am so angry at my mother for not taking me to get it. I mean, I think if I keep getting on her case about it, I can get it before June. But. I have no idea how I'm going to get her to teach me how to drive. She's very overprotective and I only do school-related things. Once I learn how to drive and get a car, I believe I'll have more freedom. Hopefully. I don't know the first thing about driving, except from what my drivers book says. I hope I'll be good driver! 8. Well. Once I do start driving, I do hope I can get a GPS system. I have NO sense of direction. It is ridiculous. I've have been lost for 2+ hours on a cross country run. When I first came to my high school (not a lot of students, but it's pretty big) I got lost all the time for the first few weeks. Now, when I remember that, I laugh at myself. 9. I have never been to camp. We don't have a lot of money. But I really, really want to go to this cross country camp. It's $405 and I have to have it by June 1st. I believe with my training I'll be doing in the summer + this, it would really help me. I have no idea how to raise the money. Any suggestions? I'll be getting a job this summer at, like, McD's or something, but that's not going to help me now. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE! 10. I am addicted to....Harry Potter fanfiction. Particularly, Draco and Hermione base. I know, I know. I'm pathetic, but I just can't help it. PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME! This was a sucky 10 things about me. Clearly, I don't really know how to do this. Sorry for all the running stuff! And I'm pretty sure some of them aren't exactly truths? Just go with it, please. And HOLY! I type too much. TOO LONG. Bloggers I am passing this award on to: • Maura at Monster of Books • Lea at YA Book Queen • Cecelia at Cecelia Bedelia • Nina at J'adore Happy Endings • Amanda at The Zen Leaf • Katie at Sophistikatied Reviews Escape in a Book

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I love September just because I can go get all the new school supply stuff even though I haven't been in school in 4 years! LOL