Friday, November 27, 2009

Interview with Tish Cohen

Today I would like to welcome author Tish Cohen! I recently read her newest YA book, Little Black Lies and I really enjoyed it!

What is your inspiration for writing?

I am inspired by people. Especially eccentric people who exist on the fringe of society to some degree. I like to imagine the lives they forge for themselves.

Which character can you relate to most from Little Black Lies?

I think I relate most to Sara Black because I too was a child of divorce and because we moved frequently, I wound up being the new kid at school many times.

I loved how you had a trivial fact about ants at the start of each chapter. Did you always know you were going to incorporate that into the book?

I believe my brilliant editor thought up the idea, but I had great fun researching ants and relating ant facts to the storyline.

Was your high school anything like Anton High? What was your favorite part of HS?

My high school was not at all like Anton, which was inspired by New York’s Stuyvesant and Boston’s Boston Latin. I think my favorite part about high school was just hanging out with good friends. I went to Fullerton Union High School in California, and made friendships I treasure today.

What advice would you give to a new student at a completely different high school, like Sara Black?

Join in as quickly as you can. If you can join in a club, you’ll likely find friends there and making friends quickly will make those dreaded lonely lunch periods a thing of the past!

What is your typical writing day like?

I usually get the kids to school, take the dog out, then bring coffee (for me) and biscuits (for my dog) into my writing room and get started. Some days I work on and off all day. Other days I wind up doing interviews or other marketing events.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, but I might try decaf.

Would you rather go to a movie theatre or live show?

Live show so I can feel and be inspired by the energy of the actors and the music. That inspires me.

Thanksgiving just passed. What was your favorite food you had?

Believe it or not, the turnips were my favorite. Oh, and my sister made homemade caramel ice cream—it was to die for.

What is your favorite word?

It changes constantly. Right now: mashup. Not even a real word and I got it from Glee. On Wednesday night I used it on live TV and the author with me (John Bemrose) told me it was a great word!

Thank you, Tish!
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