Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kiss It by Erin Downing

Kiss It by Erin Downing Simon Pulse/June 15, 2010/Young Adult/273 pages Author Links: Website//Twitter 
Chastity Bryan has never been shy about going after what she wants. And when sexy, mysterious, so-not-from-this-town Sebastian walks into Chaz's life, she knows in an instant that what she wants next is him. Chaz has no intention of playing for keeps—but she most definitely has intentions. Who needs true love when you've got true lust? Sebastian has no idea what he's in for—but maybe neither does Chaz?.

Review If you are looking for a book that has morally driven and goody goody characters, this book is not for you; however, if you want a book that deals with real teenage situations, this is for you! 

Chastity Bryan is one of the most real female characters in YA that I've read in awhile. She is a witty and not afraid of going after what she wants. She has a different view on sex than other girls, like her best friend Sadie, have on it. Chaz isn't one of those people who believe in waiting for marriage, in fact she kind of just wants to get it over with. 

I applaud Downing for writing Chaz the way she does. It was interesting to read her take on this subject. I pretty much knew the deal with Sadie and I'm glad how everything was handled! However, throughout the book, I found myself trying to figure out what exactly was with Sebastian. I definitely wasn't expecting the part about his past history. Some parts of this book were laugh-out-loud funny and I had to go back and reread them. 

Overall, KISS IT is an enjoyable read and I can't wait for whatever Erin Downing writes next! Oh, and I liked that Chaz was a runner! I definitely wasn't expecting that. Yay!

Writing: 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Characters: 4.5/5
Voice: 5/5
Ending: 4.5/5
Overall: 4 stars
Favorite character(s): Chastity. Like I said before, she was just so real! Cover: B- I don't particularly like the orange background nor the bunnies (although, I ) but I love the heart. The tag line, "Want It. Get It. Love It. Kiss It" is awesome and I like the font and colors.
Put-down-ability: 3. I pretty much read it straight through and it was hard to put down!
*Source: Received a signed copy from author! Thank you!!
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brizmus said...

heh, I love that the main character's name is Chastity. I'm really curious about Sebastian now, and I might have to read this book just for that.

Nina said...

Great review. I hadn't read a review for this book, and now that I have I like the sound of it. The characters sound okay and the story too.

Stacey said...

I love love this book, it's so funny because every blog I visit and it's being reviewed I have to leave a comment. I loved this book because the characters were believable and I just loved the relationship between chastity and sebastian.